Clinical Rehab Study Intermittent vs Continuous Low-intensity Physiotherapy – Stroke Patients

Clinical Rehab Study Intermittent vs Continuous Low-intensity PhysiotherapyStroke Patients

Published research paper in Clinical Rehabilitation compares intermittent high-intensity vs continuous upper and lower extremity low-intensity physiotherapy service over 12 months in community-dwelling people with stroke.

The paper written by Dr Hesse’s group at the Medical Park Berlin, Department Neurological Rehabilitation, Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany can be found at

Low intensity was described as two 30 minute PT sessions twice a week and high intensity was described as four sessions per week. The continuous low intensity group received 104 sessions in one block where as the intermittent high intensity received 96 sessions in one block.

Both groups received continuous was described as one block of treatment and intermittent was two blocks of treatment. There was a comparable improvement in functional ability for both groups. The paper concludes that early treatment with an intensive physical therapy program is important for functional recovery.

The HandTutor motivates and challenges patients to do intensive and continuous customized finger and wrist exercises in the home care environment and meets the criteria set out in the paper.


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