HandTutor Treats Children with ADHD and ADD

HandTutor is  used to treat children who have fine motor skill problems characterized by poor handwriting, cutting and painting skills as well as other functional daily living tasks. These children may have been diagnosed as having ADHD or ADD.

Research shows that fine motor training will improve academic achievement in children with ADHD and ADD. Children are required to successfully do progressively more difficult fine motor tasks during their pre school and school careers. Children are therefore taught firstly to cut and paint before being taught to write. Thus there is a progression in the complexity of the task and also the fine motor skill ability required to carry out the task. At the same time there is a progression in the concentration and attention to small details required to successfully complete the task.

The HandTutor provides sensory motor impairment oriented training by giving the child games that require isolated, co-ordinated and accurate finger and wrist movements. At the same time the HandTutor dedicated rehabilitation computer games motivate and improve concentration and allow for intensive practice. This practice will lead to better eye-hand co-ordination, and improved fine motor skill ability. This  allows the child to better perform the required functional task and encourage him to continue functional activities as he will begin to achieve better results. The HandTutor is suitable for children from five years old and up.


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