HandTutor is used through tele-rehabilitation


Image by PB-PSBear via Flickr

Tele-rehabilitation using readily available web tools can ensure that stroke, spinal and brain injury, cerebral palsy and parkinsons patients remain motivated and encouraged to continue intensive active exercises. The objective of Physical rehabilitation is to return the patients performance of everyday functional and vocational tasks to their pre injury level and the main element of Physical rehabilitation is intensive active exercise practice.

The HandTutor is a glove and dedicated rehabilitation software that uses biofeedback to improve hand function.  The HandTutor encourages patients to perform exercises customized to their finger and wrist movement impairment.  Doing customized exercises in a motivating environment ensures that the patient is encouraged and motivated to continue intensive exercise practice.  The HandTutor is used in hospitals and community clinics and through tele-rehabilitation. Indications also Orthopedic hand/ arm surgery.


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